Rhus punjabensis

Accepted Name
出处:Flora of China
所在卷:FOC Vol. 11
5. Rhus punjabensis J. L. Stewart ex Brandis, Forest Fl. N. W. India. 120. 1874.

旁遮普麸杨 pang zhe pu fu yang

Trees or small trees, 5-15 m tall; branchlets pubescent to minutely pubescent. Leaf blade imparipinnately compound; rachis narrowly winged or wingless distally; leaflets sessile or subsessile, 7-13; leaflet blade oblong-ovate or oblong, 5-12 × 2-4.5 cm, both sides glabrous to minutely pubescent along midrib or lower side pubescent, base rounded or subcordate, margin entire, apex acuminate or long acuminate, lateral veins ca. 20 pairs, prominent abaxially. Inflorescence 15-20 cm, densely minutely pubescent; floral subtending bracts 1-2 mm, subulate, minutely pubescent. Pedicel ca. 1 mm; flowers white. Calyx minutely pubescent, lobes narrowly triangular, ca. 1 mm, margins ciliate. Petals oblong, ca. 2 × 1 mm, minutely pubescent on both sides, margins ciliate, revolute at anthesis. Stamen filaments ca. 2 mm in male flowers, minutely pubescent proximally; anthers ovate; staminode filaments ca. 1 mm in female flowers. Disk purplish red. Ovary globose, ca. 1 mm in diam., white pubescent; male flower with sterile ovary. Drupe subglobose, ca. 4 mm in diam., purplish red at maturity, mixed pilose and glandular-pubescent.

Hill and mountain forests; 400-3500 m. Gansu, Guizhou, W Hubei, W Hunan, S Shaanxi, Sichuan, S and SE Xizang, N Yunnan [N India, Kashmir].

Rhus punjabensis var. punjabensis is distributed in NW India.

1 Branchlets, leaf rachis, leaf petiole, and lower side of leaflet midrib minutely pubescent.   5a var. sinica
+ Branchlets, leaf rachis, leaf petiole, and lower side of leaflet midrib densely pubescent.   5b var. pilosa