Allium forrestii

Accepted Name
出处:Flora of China
所在卷:FOC Vol. 24
18. Allium forrestii Diels, Notes Roy. Bot. Gard. Edinburgh. 5: 302. 1912.

梭沙韭 suo sha jiu

Bulbs clustered, cylindric, 0.4--0.7 cm in diam.; tunic grayish brown, fibrous, usually subreticulate at base, rarely laciniate. Leaves linear, shorter than scape, 1.5--3(--5) mm wide. Scape usually purple-red, 15--30 cm, terete, covered with leaf sheaths only at base. Spathe 1-valved, deciduous. Umbel few flowered. Pedicels subequal, shorter than to equaling perianth, ebracteolate. Perianth purple to dark purple; segments elliptic to ovate- or obovate-elliptic, 8--13 × 4--4.5 mm, apex obtuse or attenuate into an obtuse point. Filaments equal, ca. 1/2 as long as perianth segments, connate at base and adnate to perianth segments for ca. 1 mm; outer ones subulate; inner ones usually broadened at base, rarely 1-toothed on each side. Ovary subglobose, with concave nectaries at base. Style shorter than to subequaling ovary; stigma usually 3-cleft. Fl. and fr. Aug--Oct. 2 n = 16*.

* Meadows, gravelly slopes; 2700--4200 m. SW Sichuan, E Xizang, NW Yunnan.